The main goal of EPS Poland is to meet the actual demands of the customers.
Quality policy concerns the whole company activity, starting up from purchase, via stocking, sale, delivery and ending up with after sale services. Acting according to the European quality standards allow us firmly looking ahead and compete on a challenging European Union market.
How we support our quality:
  • we try to identify the actual and future requirements of the our clients in order to fulfil them or even be step ahead,
  • our suppliers must meet our quality requirements and our cooperation based on joint benefits,
  • we constantly educate our perosnel,
  • we motivate our team to self-improve their skills,
  • we constantly check the satisfaction of our clients by collecting and analyzing their opinions about our products,
  • we try to minimize complaints from our clients.
The processes of the Quality System are defined, understood and constantly developed by our employees.
Every employee of EPS Poland is responsible for realization of the Quality Policy, adequately to his duties.