PREMIUM class contains carefully selected plywood which meets more strict then standard requirements, concerning quality of the surface and precision of the performance. These are products designed for the most challenging customers, who prize quality and origin of the products above everything. Choosing products from that group, you will receive the possibility to make your own changes in the construction of the plywood. It concerns: size, thickness tolerance, layout of the veneers and special finish like overlaying or drilling.

You will find here the following products:

  • Exterior Plywood PREMIUM,
  • Filmfaced Plywood PREMIUM,
  • Antislip Plywood PREMIUM,

Modifications of the PREMIUM PLYWOOD

Construction and mechanical properties:

  • It is possible to design your own layout of veneers in order to achieve better mechanical properties in particular direction.

Size, cutting and drilling

  • It is possible to order the any size or shape of the panel,
  • Drilling holes, T&G joints and others,
  • Sealing all the manufacturing surfaces according to the standard.


  • It is possible to restrict your own tolerance for all of the panel’s dimensions.


Concerning customer'c requirements the following overlays are possible:

  • phenol film,
  • lacquering,
  • priming,
  • HPL and PPL layers.

Phenol films are available in the following colours and weights:

  • yellow non-transparent – 167 g/m²
  • yellow transparent – 120 g/m²
  • red – 220 g/m²
  • grey – 170 g/m²
  • light brown – 120 g/m²
  • black – 120 g/m²

LOGO according to the customer design can be placed on the surface of film faced plywood.

Lacquering is available in two versions: decorative and protective. Protective version is designed only to protect plywood against moisture and dirt during further processing.

  • Decorative lacquering – two layers of primer are applied over the surface by roller coating method, each layer is about 15-20 g/m², then finish layer of lacquer 80-100 g/m². Plywood is sanded after priming that gives absolutely smooth and shining surface of the final product,
  • Protective lacquering – two layers of primer are applied over the surface by roller coating method, each layer is about 15 – 20 g/m². The final surface is transparent and slightly rough.

HPL and PPL layers are much harder and have higher water and wear resistance. They are also much more colours available, the offer base on RAL pallet.
More modifications are possible on special request of our customers.